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Ray Scott's "Great Small Waters"


Good Fishing Starts With Good Waters...
No one knows that better than veteran lake/pond builder Ray Scott, founder of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.). After a lifelong passion for building bass lakes, Scott shares his down to earth techniques and unique ideas for creating Great Small Waters and ideal bass habitat in a 3 volume video series.


By his own admission, Ray Scott learned about lake building the hard way. He firmly believes a small investment and a little know how up front can prevent costly mistakes and big disappointments later on. He enthusiastically shares his knowledge and his personal vision in this informative and entertaining video series that will help you create and maintain your very own "Great Small Waters." Buy Here!


Whether you are starting with raw land...
               Rehabilitating an old tired pond...
                                 Or fixing an improperly built lake...
                                                                Success Starts Here !



Create great fishing waters with these instructive, step-by-step videos:
VOLUME I - How to build   world class fishing ponds & lakes
VOLUME II - How to stock & manage small waters for trophy bass
VOLUME III - How to rehabilitate old or unproductive waters
Each video approximately 45 minutes