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Pro's Soft Bait Glue




Pro;s Soft Bait Glue is a big time saver for me. It keeps the soft plastics on the hook, mends a torn lure, and is excellent for making strong, non slip knots. It is always handy in my boat.



PRO'S Soft-Bait Glue©

-NEW! Amazing Discoveries! Now glue cut baits such as real squid, real pork rind trailers and FishBites® to your hooks. Real baits hang tuff and stay soft until fish chews them up catch after catch. No hype. Try these amazing discoveries for self on your next salt water and fresh water fishing trip!

Plastic baits will not slide down on hooks. Stays permanently attached until new bait is applied or fish bites it off. Repair with one drop, squeeze together for 4-5 seconds and keep fishing. Saves time!
 Glues lizards, worms, grubs, tubes, jerk-baits, fly's & feathers, bucktail-trailers, nylon & rubber skirts, & many others while onClick here to order hooks. Also works on rod guides, rod handles, shoes, tranducers, rubber bumper boat moldings, waders, uphostery, leather & leather soles, and many hard plastic baits too. Great for most outdoor products and household items.
Works on ALL FRESH and SALT water baits.
Dries clear, odorless, non-toxic, and cures quicker dipped in water for approximately 15 seconds.
Flexible, soft, and durable without stiffness. NO brittleness like other glues even in below freezing temperatures.
Rattles and weights can now be inserted and sealed effortlessly.
Create your own custom lures by bonding tails, bodies, trailers, tubes and grubs from different manufacturers.
$aves money on purchasing soft plastic baits.
Saves time touching up torn baits while still hooked up.
Tournament anglers - no more running out of baits while fishing money tournaments.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! We are the ONLY fishing glue on the market today that can HONESTLY guarantee our 1/2 oz. bottle of glue to stick and not dry out for up to 1 full year under normal user conditions or a 100% refund (or a new bottle). PRO's Soft~Bait Glue bonds soft plastics instantly and stays pliable and becomes odorless upon entering the water like we advertise. Period!



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